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Wednesday 17 August 2022
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Dr Lily Zeng

Dr Lily Zeng


Assistant Professor
Programme Leader: Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

CPD 1.77
(852) 3917 5194

Area of ExpertiseProjectsPublicationsProfessional Community ServicesOthers

Teaching responsibilities

Lily Min Zeng has over 15-year teaching experience in higher education institutions in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Mainland China. She earned her PhD degree in the area of educational psychology. She provides consultations to faculty regarding learning diversity, student feedback, peer review of teaching, teaching portfolio, and assessment. She played leading role in coordinating and delivering an effective tertiary-level professional development programme. Her current roles at CETL majorly involve teaching required programme for new academic staff, supervising required programme for graduate teaching assistants, and pedagogical support for technology enhanced learning.

Current Research Area

  • Conceptual change in learning
  • International student and academic staff
  • Diversities of student learning experiences
  • Chinese learner


  • Zeng, M. (2016). H$150,000. Non-local early career academics’ conceptions and experience of teaching at Hong Kong universities. Seed Funding for Basic Research, University of Hong Kong.
  • Zeng, M. (2014).A comparison of academic performance review practices in Mainland China and New Zealand.
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Conference Papers

  • Zeng, M, & Bridges, SM (2021). Investigating University Student Choice Of Place And Space In Online Learning During Covid-19.
  • Fryer, LK, & Zeng, M, & Shum, A, & Wong, CW, & Ho, CC (2019). Democratising the course experience: Assessing and sharing ‘on-task’ learning experiences. World Education Research Association (WERA) Focal Meeting 10th Anniversary 2019: Future of Democracy and Education: Realizing Equity and Social Justice Worldwide, Tokyo, Japan, 5-8 August 2019.
  • Zeng, M, & Lei, CU, & Cheng, SS, & Chai, Y (2019). Learners’ engagement with different types of MOOC videos. The 42nd annual conference of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA): Next Generation, Higher Education: Challenges, Changes and Opportunities, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, 2-5 July 2019.
  • Zeng, M, & Fryer, LK, & Zhao, Y (2019). Measuring student engagement and learning experience for quality assurance in higher education. International Conference on Education and Learning (ICEL), Osaka, Japan, 28-30 August 2019.
  • Zeng, M (2018). A conceptual change approach to professional development of university teachers?. 11th International Conference on Conceptual Change: Epistemic cognition and conceptual change, Klagenfurt, Austria, 29 August – 2 September 2018.
  • Fryer, LK, & Zeng, M, & Wong, CW, & Ho, CC, & Chiu, P (2018). On-task student-to-teacher feedback: “Was that interesting?” &”Does it Matter”. European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction Special Interest Groups 4 (EARLI SIG 4) Hgher Education Conference: Topography of research on higher education: Promoting deep conversations, Giessen, Germany, 29-31 August 2018.
  • Zeng, M (2017). What does research evidence say about peer review of teaching? The As, Bs, and Cs. The 17th Biennial European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) Conference, Tampere, Finland, 29 August – 2 September 2017.
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  • Zeng, M, & Song, YN (2017). 主动学习以及线上学习中的主动学习. 两岸四地高校教学发展网络2017年会: 促进深度学习的教育创新与合作, 中国上海, 2017.
  • Zeng, M, & Wang, G, & Shulruf, B (2016). Experiences at home and abroad: a comparison of the learning experiences of Chinese Students at Chinese and New Zealand Universities. The 23rd International Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP 2016), Nagoya, Japan, 30 July-3 August 2016.
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  • Zeng, M (2010). Examining students’ research experiences with the Student Research Experience Questionnaire (SREQ) at the University of Hong Kong. The CETL Research Seminar, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 24 February 2010.

Book Chapters

  • Zeng, M (2016). Mainland Chinese students’ responses to the cognitive conflicts in their adaptation to a Hong Kong university: a developmental perspective. In King, RB & Bernardo, ABI (Eds.), The psychology of Asian learners: A festschrift in honor of David Watkins, p. 421-440. Singapore: Springer, 2016.DOI:10.1007/978-981-287-576-1_26
  • Zeng, M, & Watkins, DA (2010). Adaptation of mainland postgraduate students to Hong Kong’s universities. In Chapman, DW … (Eds.)(et al), Crossing borders in East Asian higher education, p. 343-373. Hong Kong: Comparative Education Research Centre, University of Hong Kong, 2010.


  • Members of the Common Core Digital and Multi-media Innovations (DMI) Steering Committee, HKU

Journal paper reviewer:

  • Studies in Higher Education
  • Higher Education
  • Higher Education and Research Development
  • International Journal of Academic Development

Employment History

2015 – now Assistant Professor, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning,
University of Hong Kong
2014 – 2015 Tenured Lecturer, Centre for Academic Development,
Victoria University of Wellington
2011 – 2014 Lecturer, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning,
University of Hong Kong
2008 – 2011 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning,
University of Hong Kong
2006 – 2008 Assistant Professor, Institute of English and Education,
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
1996 – 2002 Lecturer, Foreign Language Centre,
Hubei University of Automotive Technology