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Saturday 21 May 2022
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Supporting & IT Staff

Administrative Staff

Mr Franco Lam
Executive Officer

CPD 1.73
(852) 3917 8192

Franco worked in tertiary education sector for several years and experienced in human resources management, event support, programme administration in universities. He handles administrative tasks related to personnel and financial management, assists in HR management involving teaching and research staff in the Centre.

Ms Noranda Zhang
Executive Assistant
Event Coordinator

CPD 1.73
(852) 3917 4729

Noranda currently works as Event Coordinator at CETL. She is responsible in planning and coordinating academic programs and different events. Sometimes she might assist in data processing including data entry, analysis and report preparation.

Ms Lavina Luk
Executive Assistant

CPD 1.73
(852) 3917 5272

Mr Gabriel Tao
Project Assistant

CPD 1.73
(852) 3917 8996


Technical Staff

Mr Alex Lee
Senior IT Manager

CPD 1.71
(852) 3917 4261

Alex has extensive experience in IT, especially in education sector. He enhances and develops the Centre IT infrastructure and software platforms, including the institutional survey system, various web applications and websites and overview other technical matters.

Ms Janet Or
Multimedia Designer

CPD 1.73
(852) 3917 4863

Mr Noel Liu
IT Technician

CPD 1.71
(852) 3917 4576

Noel has been an IT Technician and programmer in secondary schools and software company for several years. He is responsible to monitor several systems including moodle system, certificate course registration system and provides IT related support to the centre.