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Thursday 27 January 2022
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CETL Reflections, Tips, and Quotes

January 2022

CETL Tips of the Week – Designing for Inclusivity Online

As we shift to online teaching for large classes, what can we do to ensure our classes are inclusive?

1. Ensure your course materials are accessible
2. Set expectations for respecting and valuing diversity
3. Be a role model for inclusivity
4. Connect your course materials to students’ diverse experiences and background knowledge
5. Foster social presence and encourage peer support


Posting date:  27-Jan-2022

CETL Tips of the Week – Teaching Large Classes Online

1. Develop a Course Routine
2. Create and Maintain a Social Presence
3. Have Students Work in the Same Groups
4. Deliver Your Lecture in Chunks
5. Check for Understanding
5. Set Up a Forum for Q and A


Posting date:  21-Jan-2022

CETL Tips of the Week – Mathew Pryor (2020)

How can we improve our students’ physical learning environment?

1. Students and teachers must be able to interact in the space
2. Students and teachers must be able to share in the space
3. The space must be functional and allow students to work
4. The space must be ergonomically and environmentally comfortable
5. The space must have a visibility and spatial logic
6. The space must have freedom of movement for active learning
7. The space must be flexible and adaptable


Mathew Pryor (2020). Winter Sandbox Series: Agile Learning Design using Purpose-built Learning Design Studio.
Session 4: Finding the learning environment in your learning design

Posting date:  14-Jan-2022

CETL Reflection of the Week – Tong, Standen & Sotiriou (2018)

How can students become partners in pedagogical innovations?

“… advancing research-based education is a matter that concerns students as much as academics, and it transcends disciplinary traditions. [It] serves as a platform for forging new links between different communities. In this way, students are encouraged to present their unique perspectives, as everyone has something valuable to offer to this collective endeavour in research-education synergy.”


(Tong, Standen & Sotiriou, 2018, p.4)

Posting date:  6-Jan-2022

December 2021

CETL Quote of the Week – Dr Chng Huang Hoon

I learn what it means to respect the students’ perspective, to learn to listen and understand the way they look at an issue.

Posting date:  17-Dec-2021

CETL Quote of the Week – Dr. Mollie Dollinger

Student-staff partnership is all about relationships. Forming a strong connection with the students will help them care, and be passionate about the topic. This connection will help sustain the project even the project fund runs out.

Posting date:  4-Dec-2021