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Thursday 27 January 2022
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CETL Reflections, Tips, and Quotes

November 2021

CETL Quote of the Week – Dr. Kathryn Sutherland

In an ideal situation, a genuine partnership should involve three parties: students, teachers, and academic developers. Sitting together for a conversation on the T&L issues concerned is a useful starting point to establish common values/principles for the partnership.

Posting date:  27-Nov-2021

CETL Tips of the Week – Student-staff partnership

What is student-staff partnership?

It is “a collaborative, reciprocal process through which all participants have the opportunity to contribute equally, although not necessarily in the same ways, to curricular or pedagogical conceptualization, decision-making, implementation, investigation, or analysis” (Cook-Sather, Bovill, & Felten, 2014, pp. 6-7)

How can we enable student-staff parnerships?

1. Foster inclusive partnerships
2. Nurture power-sharing relationships through dialogue and reflection
3. Accept partnership as a process with uncertain outcomes
4. Engage in ethical partnerships
5. Enact partnership for transformation


Matthews, K. (2017). Five propositions for genuine students as partners practice. International Journal for Students as Partners, 1(2). https://mulpress.mcmaster.ca/ijsap/article/view/3315

Posting date:  20-Nov-2021

CETL Quote of the Week – Dr. Giedre Kligyte

Partnership spaces cannot be constructed, engineered, or forced into being, they emerge when we can encourage the process and share the responsibility with our students.

Posting date:  10-Nov-2021

October 2021

CETL Quote of the Week – Dr. Melvin Chan

Motivation is not a fixed trait. It is malleable and can be nurtured by supportive learning environments. Without motivation, students struggle to accomplish long-term goals. With the right motivation, students can make up for their initial weaknesses.

Posting date:  28-Oct-2021

CETL Tips of the Week – Self-Determination Theory

3 types of psychological needs to achieve optimal learning:

Autonomy - one's sense of control
Competence - one's sense of mastery
Relatedness - one's sense of belonging

3 ways to enhance motivation:

1. Help students connect what they are learning to their lives
2. Help enhance sense of belonging
3. Take care of your own motivation and well-being


Posting date:  23-Oct-2021

CETL Quote of the Week – Dr. Mimi Bong

Developing competence is and should be the most important reason behind students’ achievement strivings. Competence development, not competence validation, should be our goal in every learning situation.

Posting date:  15-Oct-2021