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Friday 7 October 2022
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CETL Reflections, Tips, and Quotes

CETL Quote of the Week – Ms. Lidia V. Ratoi

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It became natural that studio is treated as a research laboratory, introducing students the multitude of methods of designing, in order to ensure that their knowledge and design methodology coincide with the worldwide trends.
Learning is a primordial gesture, and as teachers we bear the responsibility of instilling passion and nurturing the curiosity of students.
Ms. Lidia V. Ratoi
Assistant Lecturer
Department of Architecture
Faculty of Architecture
Early Career Teaching Award 2021

Posting date:  10-Jun-2022

CETL Quote of the Week – Dr. Peter J. Cobb

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My teaching philosophy is encapsulated in the three words: Engagement, Accessibility, and Innovation. For students to learn, they first must feel a strong connection to the subject.
Dr. Peter J. Cobb
Assistant Professor
Faculties of Education and Arts
Early Career Teaching Award 2021

Posting date:  02-Jun-2022

May 2022

CETL Quote of the Week – Ms. Promail K.Y. Leung

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I used my CURI teaching framework to promote students’ CURIosity in learning science: (i) infuse Challenging and Interesting tasks in teaching; and ii) illustrate the Relevance and Usefulness of concepts in students’ lives.
Ms. Promail K.Y. Leung
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Education
Early Career Teaching Award 2021

Posting date:  26-May-2022

CETL Quote of the Week – Ms. Vincci W.S. Mak

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I believe the best way of learning about landscape is to gain first-hand experience by immersing oneself with the environment. I have committed my teaching career to develop learning activities in the out-of-classroom environment, fostering students to experience and discover the real landscapes themselves.
Ms. Vincci W.S. Mak
Senior Lecturer
Department of Architecture
Faculty of Architecture
Outstanding Teaching Award 2021

Posting date:  13-May-2022

CETL Tips of the Week – Online Invigilated Exams

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How can we maximise the benefits of online invigilated exams while minimising its potential risks? Professor Phillip Dawson, our keynote speaker for the HKU Teaching and Learning Festival, offers 6 recommendations for teachers when they use online invigilated exams.
  1. Online invigilated exams are used as a last resort
    Online invigilated exams could be used when other options had been considered and deemed unsuitable.
  2. Exam designs are sound assessments of learning
    Teachers can work on ensuring the reliability and validity of online invigilated exams to ensure that the exam designs are sound assessment of learning.
  3. Only the minimal restrictions required are used
    Teachers need to be mindful in applying restrictions to ensure that each restriction is adequately enforced.
  4. Students are offered an alternative
    Students might have concerns about privacy, network stability, or technology and hence should be allowed to take the assessment in alternative forms.
  5. Equity, diversity, adversity, and accessibility are catered for
    Teachers may consider looking at Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to ensure that online invigilated exams support the needs of all the students.
  6. Pilot online invigilated exams adequately before using them in assessment
    Piloting should be conducted first in a no-stakes environment, with real students completing real tasks that do not influence their grades.
Dawson, P. (2021). Strategies for using online invigilated exams. Online learning good practice TEQSA. Available at: https://www.teqsa.gov.au/experts-advice-hub.

Posting date:  06-May-2022

April 2022

CETL Quote of the Week – Mr. Patrick D. Desloge

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To create a truly meaningful university experience, students should be more than just recipients of learning; they should be actively engaged in the business of teaching and learning.
Mr. Patrick D. Desloge
Senior Lecturer
Centre for Applied English Studies, Faculty of Arts
Outstanding Teaching Award 2021

Posting date:  29-Apr-2022