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Assessment for Learning in Higher Education: International Conference 2015 is announced

‘Assessment to Learning in Higher Education: International Conference 2015’, the second international conference on teaching and learning in higher education at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), will be held on 14-15 May 2015 and hosted by the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.

With the chief aims of academic networking, exchanging knowledge and experience, appreciating contribution and achievement, as well as updating current trend and future development of teaching and learning in higher education, the conference will address a changing era of teaching and learning as we move towards the new curriculum.

Our previous conference in 2010 has been seen as a successful one that attracted over 300 participants, among whom 60% came from overseas, including the Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Africa, North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and China. The total number of abstracts received was overwhelming and the final acceptance rate was only 35%. This confirms the international interest in teaching and learning in higher education and indicates the timeliness and relevance of the conference.

In the upcoming event in 2015, we pursue the provision of an inspirational and intellectually fulfilling experience to our participants; the conference is deliberately designed to embrace a wide range of sub-themes, including:
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Internationally renowned academics and scholars have been invited as the keynote speakers and panellists in the conference: Prof. Royce Sadler, from the University of Queensland; Prof. David Boud, from the University of Technology Sydney; Pro. David Carless, from the Faculty of Education at HKU; Prof. John Biggs, former Professor of Education at HKU; and Prof. Dai Hounsell, from the University of Edinburgh.