Brief but useful. The briefings on this page cover a wide range of topics in relation to internationalisation of teaching and learning. Nearly all capture the authentic and unique voice of our collegial community through the previous groundwork and the current in-depth semi-structured interviews as well as online surveys . And whether you are interested in developing students’ global citizenship and intercultural competence, leveraging diversity in teaching and learning, internationalising teaching contents, curricula, assessment design, supporting student mobility, or using technology to help achieve internationalisation of teaching and learning, options here abound for some good reading. These briefings aren’t just traditional reports, perfect for drooling over graphs and quotes. Many have lived and concrete examples, but even better, they have practical tips. Check it out NOW!

1. Internationalisation of the Curriculum in the Common Core

2. A Conceptual Framework for Internationalisation of the Curriculum

3. What Can Students Learn in the Internationalised University?

4. Student Mobility and Learning Abroad

5. What Matters in Becoming a Leading International University? The Case of the University of Hong Kong

6. Teaching across Cultures: Issues, Strategies and Actions

7. Doctoral Supervision in a Cross-cultural Context: Issues Affecting Supervisors and Candidates

Briefing 7

Doctoral Supervision in a Cross-cultural Context: Issues Affecting Supervisors and Candidates

Author(s): Theresa Winchester-Seeto, Judi Homewood, Jane Thogersen, Christa Jacenyik-Trawoger, Catherine Manathunga, Anna Reid and Allyson Holbrook
Published date: October 1, 2016
Themes: Internationalised teaching, Language barriers, Teaching across cultures, Intercultural classroom, Cultural differences

8. Designing Effective Intercultural Groupwork

Briefing 8

Designing Effective Intercultural Groupwork

Author(s): Tracy Zou, Grahame Bilbow, Miranda Legg and Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
Published date: January 29, 2018
Themes: Intercultural groupwork, Assessment design

9. Unleashing the Power of Diversity on Student Learning

Briefing 9

Unleashing the Power of Diversity on Student Learning

Author(s): Vienne Lin and Tracy Zou
Published date: August 16, 2019
Themes: Leveraging diversity, Intercultural classroom

10. Window to the World: Internationalising Teaching Contents and the Curriculum

11. Unpacking the Global Mindset: Mastering Intercultural Competence as a Graduate Attribute

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