• The Community of Practice – Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning (abbreviated as CoP – ITL) is established under the UGC-funded teaching and learning project (2016-19 triennium) entitled “Internationalising Teaching and Learning in Hong Kong Higher Education through Building Professional Capacity”.
  • CoP – ITL aims to cultivate a collegial community, which aims to encourage open dialogue about good practices on the internationalisation of teaching and learning across universities in Hong Kong and beyond.
  • CoP – ITL is led by Dr. Tracy Zou along with 14 academic and professional staff from HKU, HKBU, HKUST and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • The scope of CoP – ITL includes:
    • Developing students’ global citizenship and intercultural competence
    • Leveraging diversity in teaching and learning
    • Internationalising curricula, teaching contents and assessment methods
    • Supporting international student mobility, physically or virtually
    • Making use of technology to add value to internationalised teaching and learning experiences
  • CoP – ITL will support its Hong Kong-based members for pilot projects starting around May and June 2018. Proposals are highly welcome and appreciated. They will be screened and vetted by our international advisory panel. The criteria of the pilot projects will be discussed in some of our community events.
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