Put it simply, being members of CoP – ITL is meaningful, enjoyable and challenging. Not enough to convince you yet? Here are some of the things we believe help contribute to this view:


  • You’ll have access to teaching and learning resources such as guidelines and case examples.
  • You’ll be given top priority to attend workshops, seminars and join-the-conversation events.
  • You’ll receive periodical communications and e-newsletters via email on a regular basis.
  • You’ll be provided with tailored advice and support by the international advisory board of CoP – ITL.

Great network

  • You’ll enjoy yourself in a community where there are plenty of opportunities to interact with talented people with diverse backgrounds and skills, and to initiate or participate in collaborative activities.

Development opportunities

  • You’ll gain knowledge and develop competence in the internationalisation of the curriculum as well as teaching and learning approaches.
  • You’ll be supported by the community to experiment new teaching approaches.
  • You’ll have your voice heard by sharing your thoughts via CoP – ITL website or the email list.

It’s here! Your members only funding opportunities

  • You’ll given an exceptional opportunity to be funded by CoP – ITL to pilot your teaching and learning projects. Consistent coaching, guidance and evaluation will be offered to you by our international advisory panel. Impressed? Join us.


As part of CoP – ITL, we would like you to

  • identify and recognise yourself as a member of CoP – ITL.
  • welcome other members of CoP – ITL to reach you by providing your contact information with the community.
  • share your practices on and insights into the internationalisation of teaching and learning with other members via a survey, a case example, join-the-conversation events, an informal interview, or other contribution where appropriate.
  • attend at least one community event annually.


Awwww, how nice! We would love to have you too.
Let’s take this relationship one step further and work out exactly what we can do to better our teaching and learning environment.
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The area(s) of internationalization of teaching and learning that I am mostly interested in:

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