Welcome to the Students as Partners (SaP) @ HKU resources. Also known as student-staff partnership approaches in teaching and learning in higher education, SaP refers to a pedagogical approach in which students and academic/professional staff work as active collaborators to improve teaching and learning experiences (Mercer-Mapstone et al., 2017). Though it is often positioned as one area for enhancing student engagement in learning, participating teachers will get inspired by redefining their traditional teaching roles and the student-teacher relationship in the partnership.
This SaP@HKU resources aim to assist HKU colleagues and students in practicing partnership in their SaP projects. It will serve as a centralised platform to share a collection of resources including:

  • Seminar series
  • Selected examples
  • Tips
  • SaP Projects at HKU
    • Common Core
    • SaP – CoP
    • Inter-institutional
New contents and resources will be updated to this platform in due course. Should you have any relevant materials or resources to share with the HKU communities, please contact Dr Peter Lau (pfmlau@hku.hk) at CETL.
Enjoy the new journey with your student/teacher partners!
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