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Welcome to the University of Hong Kong

Tutors and demonstrators play a key role in teaching and learning at the University of Hong Kong. For many students, they are the personal face of the University. I am very grateful for the hard work put in by all tutors and demonstrators throughout the campus.

To help develop the kinds of knowledge and skills needed to create a high-quality learning environment, the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning works with Faculties to deliver state-of-the-art professional learning resources. The twin focus is on supporting The Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, and providing additional teaching support through direct liaison with Faculties.

Ian Holliday I wish all tutors and demonstrators every success in their studies. I hope this will be an enjoyable programme, and trust that teaching will be a central part of a rewarding experience at HKU.

Professor Ian Holliday
Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)


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