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This handbook is designed for those of you who are taking the programme The Certificate for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education as extra resources and support, for those who are just beginning their teaching as teaching assistants in HKU and are looking for ideas and stimulus, and for anyone else who is interested in small group teaching in higher education. 

The handbook gives an introduction to the undergraduate education at HKU, suggests ways of preparing for your teaching, and offers strategies and techniques to actively engage students in learning, particularly in different teaching situations including discussion-based tutorials, laboratory demonstrations, and case-based/problem-posing tutorials. The handbook also addresses issues related to marking/grading, and giving feedback to students. Apart from these, you will find listed in the handbook other useful resources available on campus and online.

Throughout this handbook, we have included a number of links to resources from teaching centres at other universities for further reading. We will do our best to keep these external resources up to date, but please let us know if the links do not work, or do not bring you to the intended page.

We hope that this handbook will bring some ideas to your teaching and help shape your own style. In the meantime, we welcome your insights and suggestions concerning the contents of the handbook for future amendments.