Invitation: Share with us your Teaching Development Projects

Dear Colleagues,

We should like to invite you to share experiences, insights and/ or outcomes of your Teaching Development Projects through this Teaching and Learning Connections (e-newsletter).

As you may know, Teaching and Learning Connections aims to connect people who are interested in teaching and learning at the University of Hong Kong and beyond through sharing and disseminating exemplary teaching and learning practices and innovations. Projects funded through Teaching Development Grants (TDG) are perfect examples of the practices and innovations that we hope to promote within the community. We also hope the e-newsletter can be a platform to acknowledge your achievements and facilitate discussions around common issues.

May I invite you to contribute an article regarding your Teaching Development Projects (both on-going and completed)? Here are some areas that our audience is keen to learn about:

  • Enhanced or innovative teaching practices, the implementation, and the associated challenges and opportunities
  • Students’ learning, reactions, and feedback to the teaching practices you implemented (typically supplemented with students’ quotes or feedback)
  • Insights, issues for debating or lessons learned that emerged from carrying out the TDG projects

Here is the plan for the forthcoming issues. I will try to fit your story into the relevant themes.

  • September, 2016 (Issue No. 3 – current issue) – Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning (1)
  • January, 2017 (Issue No.4) – Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning (2)
  • May, 2017 (Issue No. 5) – Academic Advising at HKU

We welcome two types of articles:

  • A feature article – relatively formal tone, well-articulated arguments with some quantitative or qualitative evidence, length at around 700 to 800 words.
  • A guest blog – relatively informal tone, expressing feelings and opinions about the topic or posing some intriguing questions for discussion and debate, length at around 300 to 400 words.

If you have any ideas or thoughts about this, please do not hesitate to contact me ( I am more than happy to assist in the development of ideas as well as the articles.

For the previous issue (Issue No.2) on ‘Assessment for Learning’, please refer to

For basic information about the Teaching Development Grants, please refer to

Alice Lee
Dr. Tracy Zou

Editor of ‘Teaching and Learning Connections’
Assistant Professor
Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
The University of Hong Kong

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