Foreword – Ian Holliday

For many years, the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) has taken the lead in facilitating debate about quality teaching and learning on campus and beyond. International conferences, public lectures, large-scale seminars and small-scale workshops have all been organised to create platforms for the exchange […]

Message & Editorial

Feature Articles

Hidden Treasures – Dai Hounsell

Almost by chance, a little gem caught my eye in one of those glossy paid-for supplements that usually go straight to the bin. It was quite brief (just two or three sentences) but it had grabbed my interest because it was about a novel way of working with international students. That topic [...]

Guest Blogs

Learning Together as a Community – Cheri Chan

When undergraduate students enter teacher education, they are often flooded with multiple pedagogical concepts, theories and methodologies. This is a double-edged sword. Pre-service teachers will clearly expect university teachers to impart knowledge to them, but when we do this, we are also [...]

Community Wise – Alice Lee

The word ‘community’ is derived from Old French comuneté, from Latin communitas, communis, things held in common ~ Oxford Dictionaries (2014) What does it take to make a community? A common interest, obviously. People sharing a common interest naturally come together and share information and [...]


Questions for Discussion Section (Issue #1)

What does a Community of Practice (CoP) mean to you? The issue has opened a wide range of possibilities of cultivating CoPs to enhance teaching and learning at HKU and beyond. When reading the literature as well as compiling this issue, we have seen various conceptualisations and [...]

Contributors to Issue #1

Prof. Ian Holliday, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning), HKU
Prof. Dai Hounsell, Professor Emeritus of Higher Education, The University of Edinburgh
Dr. Michael Botelho, Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Dentistry, HKU
Ms. Miranda Legg, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Applied English Studies, HKU
Dr. Cheri Chan, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, HKU
Ms. Alice Lee, Associate Professor, Associate Dean (Academic Affairs), Faculty of Law, HKU

The Editorial Team

Editor: Dr. Tracy Zou, Assistant Professor, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, HKU (email:
Advisor: Prof. Grahame Bilbow, Director, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, HKU (email:
Production: Mr. Edward Chow, Multimedia Development Officer, Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative, HKU (email:

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