News in Brief (Issue #1)

New Join-the-Conversation Series on Internationalisation (first one on January 29, 2016)

Internationalisation of teaching and learning is the main focus of the UGC-funded ‘Communities of Practice’ project this academic year. The Join-the-Conversation event on January 29, 2016, entitled Learning Benefits of Internationalisation, is the first in a CETL series of events exploring various aspects of internationalisation. Drawing on ideas and perspectives from universities across the world, as well as experiences at HKU, it will open the debate by highlighting key learning challenges and opportunities, and invite HKU staff to consider the relevance to their own role and responsibilities.

Network for Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Research-intensive Universities (NETL) Conference (March 16 -18, 2016)

The Network for Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Research-intensive Universities (NETL) Conference will be held from 16 to 18 March 2016 and will be hosted by HKU. It is our great pleasure to cordially invite delegates from the NETL network around the world to join this conference, which aims to share good practices in teaching and learning in research-intensive universities. The programme this year touches on topics ranging from the research-teaching nexus to international benchmarking of teaching practice, and from building a teaching academy to looking into the notion of a national professional standards framework.

Active Learning Pedagogical Series Workshop

This is a series of workshops launched by CETL on active learning pedagogies. It focuses on motivating students by incorporating simple and practical active learning activities and assessment in classroom. The first two workshops in this series were held during September 2015 and January 2016, both very positively received by faculty members and teaching staff at HKU.

Hall & Society Forum (January 23, 2016)

CETL co-organised a Hall and Society Forum on January 23, 2016, with the aim of appreciating and discussing the challenges facing hall/residential education in HKU. Staff and students shared their views on hall/ residential education and related co-curricular activities under various themes, for example, from past to present; intellectual training and experiential learning; society and community immersion; and the way forward.

Teaching Exchange Fellowship Scheme Seminar (January 27, 2016)

To promote HKU staff to bring in new ideas and teaching methods to improve teaching through interaction with overseas university teachers, HKU will award up to $50,000 for reciprocal staff visits. This funding is provided through the ‘Teaching Exchange Fellowship Scheme’. The Teaching Exchange Fellowship Scheme seminar provides an overview of this funding scheme and information on the application process.

Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Semester 2 courses started on January 4, 2016)

CETL runs a certificate course regularly on teaching and learning in higher education for new research postgraduate students prior to their undertaking of teaching or assessment duties for their departments. The course provides its participants with an introduction to the principles of learning, teaching, assessment and feedback in a university context. It explores how to lead learning experiences for small group settings that can actively engage the learners.

There will be more coming!

CETL is planning to organise workshops and seminars on these topics: research and teaching nexus, Teaching Development Exhibition, active learning, and assessment activities.

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