News in Brief (Issue #2)


Forthcoming events and programmes


  • A forthcoming book Scaling up Assessment for Learning in Higher Education (Editors: Prof. David Carless, Dr. Susan Bridges, Dr. Cecilia Chan & Prof. Rick Glofcheski) is going to be published with Springer. The book is a legacy of the International Conference on Assessment for Learning held at HKU in May 2015 ( Colleagues in CETL are contributing several chapters, including ‘Surfacing and Sharing Advances in Assessment: A Communities of Practice Approach’ (Prof. Dai Hounsell and Dr. Tracy Zou).
  • A forthcoming book Improving Teaching and Learning in Research-Intensive Universities (Chief Editor: Prof. Stensaker, B.) is going to be published with Palgrave. The book is a scholarly outcome of the Network for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in research-intensive universities (NETL) 2016 Annual Gathering (16-18 March 2016) ( Prof. Grahame Bilbow, Prof. Dai Hounsell and Dr. Tracy Zou are contributing one chapter entitled ‘Fostering Dialogue about Practices’, depicting the Community of Practice framework and the case studies at HKU.
  • Dr. Lily Zeng contributed a chapter, entitled ‘Mainland Chinese Students’ Responses to the Cognitive Conflicts in Their Adaptation to a Hong Kong University: A Developmental Perspective’ in the book The Psychology of Asian Learners (Editors: Dr. King, Ronnel B. and Professor Bernardo, Allan B. I.) recently published with Springer (2016). This chapter explored how non-local students (Mainland Chinese students) reacted to the cognitive conflicts in their social and academic integration in a Hong Kong university and to what extent these acculturation experiences shaped their prior conceptions relating to social integration and learning from a developmental perspective.

Conference presentations

  • Dr. Tracy Zou and Prof. Grahame Bilbow presented HKU’s work on establishing a community of practice on teaching and learning at the 2016 Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Teaching and Learning Colloquium and received affirmative comments from the audiences as well as Dr. Etienne Wenger, who coined the concept of community of practice (with Jean Lave) in early 1990s and is recognised as one of the most influential social learning scholars.

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