Conference Proceedings

Paper Titles Authors
Cognitive outcomes of experiential learning in higher education: service-learning, and prior learning assessment and recognition Walter Archer and Angelina T. Wong
What do Third-Year Speech Pathology students think of student-centred learning? Joanne Arciuli
Connecting at the grassroots: the field instruction program of the UP-CSWCD Department of Community Development Aleli B. Bawagan and Ma. Theresa V. Tungpalan
Engagement and social responsibility in the core curriculum: how engaged and responsible are our academics? CJ Gerda Bender
Higher education guarantees global citizenship, or does it? Agnes Bosanquet
Developing a graduate diploma to cater for career-change adults Coral Campbell
Applying outcomes-based teaching and learning framework in the BSc Information Management Program in the Faculty of Education Sam Chu , Natalie Fong and Si Ying Tan
Enhancing the quality of service-learning implementation: instruments and use experiences María Antonieta Contreras M., Chantal Jouannet V. and Carolina Matheson A.
Toward technology integration: the case of foreign literature teachers in the Algerian University Yasmina Djafri and Djamila Aissat
Using a collaborative approach to share and develop the first year student experience Karen Fitzgibbon
Enhancing small group functioning in problem based learning using a visual organiser Herco Fonteijn and Jimmy Frerejean
Investigating the learning outcomes of adopting active learning strategies that utilize rich resources in order to improve reasoning and analytical skills Julie Gerstman
Developing meaningful feedback to large class sizes via short answer assessment William Gibson, Jon Yorke and Heath Wilkinson
Through the looking glass: teaching and learning in blended immersive multiuser virtual and real world environments Janette Grenfell
The students practices of core competencies at university: a comparative study between National University of Malaysia (UKM) and National University of Indonesia (UI) Hadiyanto and Mohammed Sani Bin Ibrahim
Enhancing pre-service primary teachers’ learning in Science education using team-based project work Carole E Haeusler and Con Lozanovski
Student perception of ‘Clicker’ technology in science and mathematics education C. E. Haeusler and C. Lozanovski
Assessment experience of first-year university students: dealing with the unfamiliar Paula Hodgson, Paul Lam and Charlotte Chow
First-year students' learning experiences of problem-based learning tutorials in Japanese higher education Rintaro Imafuku, Norimitsu Kurata, Ryuta Kataoka and Mitsuori Mayahara
Rethinking journalism education through visual literacy Aditi Jhaveri
Honest reflections: big ideas and real life experiences of a new first year BA Victoria Kuttainen, Anita Lundberg, Linda Wight and Nigel Chang
Ownership and use of mobile technologies: planning mobile learning strategies for a Hong Kong university Paul Lam, Sophie Wong, Kevin Wong and Carmel McNaught
In search for an ideal campus information service in undergraduate students' opinion Unnawut Leepaisalsuwanna, Tanis Suwannakul, Krittaya Leelawong and Nopphol Pausawasdi
Applying the problem-based learning approach in teaching digital integrated circuit design Chi-Un Lei
Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET): a tool for quality assurance in higher education institution (HEI) Liile L. Lekena and Anass Bayaga
Citation and plagiarism: undergraduates writing from sources Yongyan Li and Christine Pearson Casanave
Business Communication Assessment and its curriculum implications Yvonne CW Loong and Elsie Christopher
Problem-based learning's impact on the understanding of place value D. Martin and R. Jamieson-Proctor
A learning community for university teachers: peer review of teaching Kathleen McEvoy
Blended learning approaches enhance student academic performance Neil P Morris
Not just exposure: multicultural awareness captured in photos Erika Raissa Nash
A value-driven model for the design of a cross-cultural EALP curriculum Christiaan Prinsloo
Developing a multicultural teacher education curriculum using a collaborative-participatory approach Wilma S. Reyes and Rosalind Murray-Harvey
“Weakest link” in assessment design: a flowing target for outcomes-based approach (OBA) to teaching and learning? Jianrong Sun
International students in Asian universities: exploring barriers to sociocultural adjustment Caroline Kamini Thangiah
A study on comparison of part-time, full-time and week-end postgraduate engineering education K. UmaSuresh, K. Suresh Manic, T.M.J. Indramohan and G. Ponnusamy
Professional development through CoPs: a case study of a Chinese EFL teacher Ping Wang
Study of the relationship between the perception of career anchor and core competence – a case of technical university in Taiwan Shyi-Huey Wu




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