Editorial – Achieving the impact of teaching and learning – Tracy Zou

Following seven issues discussing about various topics of teaching and learning, the current Issue 8 brings us to take a look at the impact of teaching and learning. We have collected articles that focus on the impact on students, faculty members, research postgraduates and teaching assistants, and lastly the members in the wider community. I am also very pleased to highlight that Issue 8 has included the contributions from colleagues both within the HKU community and from overseas institutions. The broadened authorship has shown that the impact of this e-newsletter Teaching and Learning Connections has probably extended beyond the local community. In the year of 2019, we hope that we can reach more readers and authors in the broad community. The paragraphs below briefly introduce each article in the current issue.

Impact of a National Teaching Fellowship: A magic key to new partnerships, opportunities and collaborations by Rachel Barrell, currently based in University of Reading Malaysia, shares with us the impact of the National Teaching Fellowship on her career and personal development through a fruitful journey afterward into different places with a number of new partners.

Community-dwelling senior citizens help nursing students to learn by Janet Wong from HKU presents how an experiential learning programme for nursing students creates positive impact not only on the development of students but also the well-being of senior citizens in the local community.

Maximising the impact of postgraduate students’ training for their first teaching experiences by Alex Shum from HKU analyses the impact of teaching training for research postgraduate students and proposes the ways that such impact may be maximised. Some insights of this study have also been presented in a number of international conferences.

What can no-cost international collaboration bring to students and instructors? By K. Loy and D. J. Parkinson from University of Saskatchewan in Canada introduces how a project in international collaborative teaching generates sustainable impact on both student learning and faculty members’ research collaboration. The article has also briefly touched the potential of this project in dealing with social inequalities through practices of cultural sensitivity and intercultural awareness.

Achieving impact through co-construction: Successful conclusion of CETL’s international conference 2018 by Tracy Zou discusses a number of intriguing ideas about excellence in university teaching and learning emerging in CETL’s international conference Co-Constructing Excellence that was held on 18-19 December 2018. More information about the conference can be found here: https://www.cetl.hku.hk/conf2018/

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Preview of the next issue (Issue 9)
Issue 9 to be published in the mid of 2019 will focus on Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, internationalisation of the curriculum, internationalisation at home, integration of local and non-local students, student and staff mobility, study abroad, and teaching across cultures.

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Alice Lee
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