Early Career Teaching Award

Dr. Peter J. Cobb, Assistant Professor,
Faculties of Education and Arts

My teaching philosophy is encapsulated in the three words: Engagement, Accessibility, and Innovation. For students to learn, they first must feel a strong connection to the subject.

/Peter Cobb Archaeological excavation
Teaching at the archaeological excavation in Armenia, summer 2019.

Ms. Promail K.Y. Leung, Senior Lecturer,
Faculty of Education

I used my CURI teaching framework to promote students’ CURIosity in learning science: (i) infuse Challenging and Interesting tasks in teaching; and ii) illustrate the Relevance and Usefulness of concepts in students’ lives.

Teaching and learning physics using technology in October 2019.

Ms. Lidia V. Ratoi, Assistant Lecturer,
Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture

It became natural that studio is treated as a research laboratory, introducing students the multitude of methods of designing, in order to ensure that their knowledge and design methodology coincide with the worldwide trends.
Learning is a primordial gesture, and as teachers we bear the responsibility of instilling passion and nurturing the curiosity of students.

Ms. Janet K.T. Wong, Lecturer,
Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy,
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

In healthcare practice like pharmacy, I believe that successful education nurtures individuals who commit to life-long learning, person-centred care, and demonstrate competence, resilience, ethics, good leadership and teamwork. These attributes develop beyond graduation with parallel development in professional identity and expertise. Therefore, a successful learning journey leads students to pursue a fruitful career and achieve beyond …school.

With a supportive learning environment at the Teaching Pharmacy, students are encouraged to gain hands-on experience in pharmacy practice in parallel to the development of professional skills and greater ownership of their learning. (A photo taken at the Teaching Pharmacy)

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