Outstanding Teaching Award

Dr. Christophe D.M. Coupé, Assistant Professor,
School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts

“Outiller le pouvoir d’agir” – or literally “to tool up someone’s power to act”… by the late French ergonomist Pierre Rabardel had a somehow mysterious charm to me… Rabardel’s key idea clearly emphasizes to me what the final goal of teaching is: to turn students into autonomous individuals, who can leave the safe shores of the university to venture into a rougher ocean. Autonomous thinkers, but more than that, individuals with the ability to accomplish things on their own in the world. In such a framework, the transmission of knowledge is no longer an end in itself but only a means to achieve something far greater and demanding.

Teaching in a design studio
Students in groups are creating communicative signs for different emotions, before sharing them and discussing them with others.

Mr. Patrick D. Desloge, Senior Lecturer,
Centre for Applied English Studies, Faculty of Arts

At the heart of NGL [Nurturing Global Leaders programme] is the immersive experience of living and working in a foreign environment with local people. When I took over the program there were already some factors that meant that we needed to find new locations and new experiences for our students.

Ms. Vincci W.S. Mak, Senior Lecturer,
Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture

To me, “exploration”, “reflection” and “process” are fundamental ways of learning in design studio. Therefore, in this course, I highlighted these three building blocks through the design of assignments and learning activities, to help foundation year students to transition from typical classroom learning to studio learning, and to enhance their learning effectiveness.

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